Help Me Celebrate The Upcoming Launch Of Unlikely Venture!

Yay!  I’m officially kicking off launch preparations for Unlikely Venture this Fall!

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Unlikely Venture, Fall 2014

Unlikely Venture, Fall 2014

Unlikely Venture Synopsis

Here’s the thing about keeping secrets…they can only protect you for so long before threatening to destroy everything you hold dear.

Meet Jessica Latham:  a bright, sassy, workaholic with a penchant for plunging necklines and Christian Louboutin stilettos.  She has her dream job at the top management consulting firm in Manhattan, but it is coupled with the daily nightmare of an overbearing and demeaning boss who consistently undermines her abilities and challenges her at every turn.

And that’s the least of her problems.

Devastating news threatens her livelihood and sends her fiancé running for the hills without so much as a backward glance.  Newly single and fearful about her future, she focuses on work to escape the looming uncertainty…until a moment of weakness changes everything.  During a night tinged with one too many glasses of chardonnay, she meets Paul Emerson, a mysterious stranger who becomes an eager and willing participant in Jessica’s efforts to finally regain some control of her life.

It was supposed to be an isolated incident, something she subconsciously needed to restore her confidence and clear her head.  But what Jessica soon realizes is that taking control doesn’t always mean she is actually the one in control and things don’t always turn out as planned.

After being awarded a coveted opportunity at work, Jessica thought she was headed for a much-deserved promotion and some degree of stability.  But she didn’t anticipate meeting James Callahan, MIT-graduate-turned-start-up-CEO and she certainly didn’t expect for Paul to walk back into her life.  The internal struggle intensifies when threats to her future resurface.  Her worlds collide when everything Jessica thought was important is pitted against everything she wants for the future and she needs to quickly get her head and her heart in sync before somebody gets hurt.

Not All Silicon Valley Execs Dress Like Zuckerberg

I got a new pair of KG Kurt Geiger sandals today.  They’re HOT…like if you touch them, your finger will sizzle HOT.

Kurt Geiger Sandals

Kurt Geiger Sandals

I tried them on, teetered around the kitchen and wondered if my current heroine Avery might sport them.  Although anyone who knows me would imagine that ALL heroines I create would share my insatiable love for dangerously high heels, I’m still not sure about Avery.  So to avoid tearing out my hair over that very disconcerting fact, I’m going to redirect my attention to fashion…yes, fashion in Silicon Valley.

Oxymoron?  Not entirely.

Just as an aside, if I were a guy in Silicon Valley, I’d never sport the Zuckerberg ensemble.  EVER.  I’m not crunchy, I don’t particularly care for hoodies and if sandals don’t have a heel, they aren’t generally welcome in my closet.

I’m excited to report that there are several female execs in the technology hotbed that sport veeery exclusive designer wares.  Just ask Entrepreneur magazine.  They’ll tell you all about Silicon Valley’s best dressed.  Even Vanity Fair weighed in.  Think Ruzwana Bashir, Marissa Mayer, Juliet De Baubigny and Alison Pincus.  Not only are they entrepreneurs but they’ve got mad style.

My husband does a lot of work with VCs and tells me my vision of glamour in the Valley is somewhat flawed.  Sure there are exceptions, but they’re few and far between.  Whatever.  I’ll keep my perspective.  I knew it couldn’t all be about khakis and button downs.

So, hell YES, I’d sport these sandals in Palo Alto.  But I’ll opt to stay out of San Francisco unless I’m driving.  Way too hilly.  =)