Thanks For A Great Year! Here’s A TESLA!

If you want to increase employee morale, you better dig deep because money doesn’t only talk, it SCREAMS.

Let’s face it. People perform their daily jobs because of what you pay them in salary. It’s why they work 9-5 but it may not light a fire under them to work 5-9.

Now imagine what they would do if you augmented that salary and rewarded them for their involvement and contribution to the company’s successes…say at bonus time??

A startup translated as WiFi MasterKey (backed by Chinese game developer and publisher Shanda) has taken that concept to a whole new level. This year, employees with the company longer than 4 months will receive a Tesla as a bonus.

WiFi MasterKey is a is a mobile app that automatically connects your devices to public Wi-Fi networks when in range. The app claimed more than 500 million users as of the end of September last year, and 230 million monthly active users. It claims to have free access to 120 million Wi-Fi hotspots across China.” – VentureBeat

“Talent is the key determinant for the success of high-tech companies. Through this move, we want to show how much we value and respect our talent,” said Chen Danian, the startup’s founder (and twin brother of Shanda CEO Chen Tianqiao).

Motivate + reward = retention.

Just something for CEOs to keep in their back pockets. =)

Image Credit: WiFi Master Key

Image Credit: WiFi Master Key

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