Searching For The Fountain Of Youth???

Okay, so who besides me is sick of getting older???

Getting older means LOOKING older. And even if we can’t remedy all the physical ills of aging, there are products that can make us feel more comfortable about our appearances.

I’m always on the hunt for the non-invasive miracle. I’ve tried SO many products – tools, scrubs, caviar…all with mediocre results. No fillers or surgery to speak of – not really a fan of scalpels or pumping my face full of toxins. But I digress…

I came across a new (to me) product line by Rodan & Fields, two world-renowned female dermatologists who created Proactiv. I never used that line but I’ve seen and heard great things. These doctors now offer multiple lines of product sold direct to consumers and through their patent-pending innovations, they are changing the future of anti-aging skin care.

I don’t typically do product reviews on my blog but this company struck me in a couple of different ways. First, their product line is fantastic. I’ve used it for several months and I’m extremely pleased with the results.  Second, they offer the ability for a network of independent skin care consultants to develop and manage their own businesses. So in effect, they are encouraging and supporting entrepreneurship, which I LOVE!!!

The Products

There are daily regimens for every skin type:

  • Redefine – for the appearance of lines, press and loss of firmness
  • Reverse – for the appearance of brown spots, dullness and discoloration
  • Unblemish – for acne and post-acne marks
  • Soothe – for sensitive, irritated skin and facial redness

Plus, they have a number of what they refer to as “enhancements” – eye cream, scrubs, serums – all designed to augment the results of each regimen.

I’ve used the Redefine and I have to say that I glow. Seriously. I do. =)

The regimen includes a daily scrub, pore-minimizing toner and SPF day/night creams – all of which leave my skin looking and feeling clean, firm and polished. I also tried samples of the Micro-Dermabrasion Paste (scrub-a-dub-dub!) and the retinol serum capsules that feel like VELVET on my skin.

The one drawback to these products is price. But they last for months and they are EFFECTIVE. If you give them a try, the results will speak for themselves.



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