I Got Sucked In…And Then Suffocated In Lena Dunham’s Horrific Ruffled Tiers

Courtesy of en.wikipedia.org

Courtesy of en.wikipedia.org

I dozed off on the couch earlier.  It felt soooo good…until Hubby pounced on me, demanding that I give the kids a bath.  Just to let you know, I loathe bath time.  It entails a lot of splashing, yelling, screaming, and SPLASHING.  And I just don’t have patience, not when I was up at 4:30 AM and on a bus to NYC shortly afterwards. Nope.  Not in the mood.  At ALL.

Instead, I wanted to stay plastered in front of the TV, watching the Emmys.  Why?  Because I get sucked in by the fashion…most of which leaves me scratching my head, mumbling, “What the eff was she THINKING?  And how the hell does her stylist get work?  Do Hollywood stylists need to pass a test for having the absolute worst taste EVER?”

Case in point…Lena Dunham, WHY???  You know the phrase “there are no words?”  Well, in this case, there are too MANY to list.  Let the photo speak for itself.

Courtesy of TODAY.com

Courtesy of TODAY.com

Kerry Washington, however, is absolutely stunning.  I adore her dress, especially the blingy shorts underneath.  So awesome.  Orange is totally the new black.  =)

Courtesy of HuffingtonPost.com

Courtesy of HuffingtonPost.com

And Sarah Silverman…before you rushed the stage to accept your award, you must have said a prayer that your boobies didn’t slip out of that freaking ugly excuse for a dress.  And you’re so classy too, showing off your marijuana vaporizer pen to the world.  Seriously?  What the hell is this world coming to?

Courtesy of PerezHilton.com

Courtesy of PerezHilton.com

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