A Knife-Wielding Lunatic Is On The Loose In My Neighborhood…I Bet He’s Got A Pretty Dark Backstory

I’m officially stuck.  I’ve written exactly 6 pages of Venture Forward and…screeching halt!  Why?  Because although my hero fascinates me, I don’t know where the hell I’m going with his story.  I’ve played the “What If” game for DAYS and nothing!  But this is my normal process.  I just write, sometimes hitting 100 pages before figuring out where the story is headed.  No outline.  It’s just not how I work.  =)

So now, I’m seeking inspiration wherever I can find it.

I need a Blue Moon Summer Ale for some clarity.

But I’m too afraid to leave my house because there’s some lunatic with a knife on the loose in my neighborhood?!  What the HELL???  Where are we living these days??  I wonder what HIS backstory is…I guess someone must have messed him up pretty bad.

I write complicated, dark, brooding but not moronic.  This brainiac evidently pulled a knife on a woman in her front yard in broad daylight when her dog attacked him and sent him packing into the woods.  What a freaking idiot.  Obviously common sense didn’t factor in when he opted NOT to case the house before his novice attempt at an armed robbery.  No amount of backstory would make that jerk hero-worthy.


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